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Foreign Businesses

U.S. tax regulations can seem complex to some, but our experienced CPAs and tax professionals regularly assist foreign businesses and investors in approaching these activities with ease.

Specialized U.S. Tax Compliance Services for Foreign Businesses

Backed by extensive industry expertise, we deliver sophisticated tax and consulting strategies for foreign corporations, partnerships, trusts, and investors.

Tax Structuring + Compliance

Foreign businesses from a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, financial services, consumer products, biotech, and medical technology, often call on us to efficiently structure their U.S. entities and transactions. We also implement ongoing compliance programs for foreign businesses, helping them anticipate potential issues, avoid non-compliance penalties, and efficiently comply with complex U.S. tax regulations.

  • Structuring U.S. entities and corporate transactions to minimize tax liability and maximize tax benefits for all stakeholders.
  • Applications for a federal taxpayer identification number (TIN).
  • Compliance with IRS Section 482 transfer pricing rules, a mechanism for determining arm’s length pricing in related-party transactions.
  • Assistance with the IRS’ offshore voluntary disclosure program, which offers U.S. taxpayers a way to resolve income tax liabilities, report obligations relating to foreign financial assets, and complies with FBAR reporting requirements.
  • Assistance with IRS form 5472, which captures the intercompany transaction activity of foreign persons and businesses with ownership in U.S. companies or subsidiaries.
  • Assistance with Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) Form 114, an annual filing to disclose interests in foreign financial accounts.

Tax Reporting + Preparation

We guide clients through the complex and wide-ranging federal and state tax reporting requirements that apply to foreign companies and investors.

  • Federal and state income tax preparation for foreign companies and non-resident aliens

  • Reporting of foreign interests in foreign corporations and trusts.

  • Claiming applicable foreign tax credits on U.S. tax returns

  • Calculation of foreign income tax exclusions for wages earned in a foreign country

  • Applications for FIRPTA withholding certificates for real estate sales by non-residents

Customs Duties + Import Tariffs

The U.S. imposes taxes on all goods transported across international borders. These customs duties can have a significant impact on a company’s supply chain costs, as well as their U.S. operations, sales, and overall level of taxation. We frequently help clients navigate the tax implications of their import-export strategies, including:

  • Analysis of taxation under the U.S. Harmonized Tariff System

  • Advice on the tax impact of U.S. customs and export control rules on corporate transactions

  • Transfer pricing and customs valuation strategies

  • Modeling the tax impact of changes in import tariffs

  • Compliance with U.S. Customs and Border Protection audits

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