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High Net Worth Individuals + Family Offices

Entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, and their family offices frequently turn to us to minimize tax obligations, maximize tax advantages, and meet their complex financial goals.

Sophisticated Private Client Tax Services

Our comprehensive tax strategies are tailored around your unique goals for business, investing, philanthropy, and family.

Minimize tax liability + uncover tax advantages

Our clients often call on us for comprehensive tax and compliance strategies that take into account their complex business and personal objectives.


Optimize a business transaction

Our CPAs and tax professionals provide federal, state, local, and international tax advice on a wide range of business transactions, including purchases, sales, joint ventures, stock and asset purchases, takeovers, and restructurings.


Ensure a legacy

We frequently advise clients on the complex tax aspects of their estate planning, gifting, and trust strategies.

Enhance the family office

Our CPAs and tax professionals often provide value-added services to single and multi-family offices. In our role as advisors, we frequently consult on succession and contingency planning, family office communication strategies, the coordination of outside advisors, and strategies that provide operational support and increase family office efficiency.


Maximize charitable impact

Charitable giving is often an important part of a comprehensive wealth management and estate planning strategy. We guide clients through the tax aspects of various forms of charitable giving, including private foundations, non-cash donations, and the hidden tax consequences inherent in philanthropy.

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